ITCIS Business Areas

ITCIS Company is cooperating with manufactories for different kinds of applications:

  • 01.

    Aerospace & Defense

  • 02.

    Banking Equipment

  • 03.

    Building Automation

  • 04.


  • 05.

    Industrial Manufacturing

  • 06.

    Factory Automation

  • 07.

    Security Systems

  • 08.

    Transportation Control

  • 09.

    Consumer High Tech Goods



Today's technology advancements and product-savvy consumers break traditional manufacturing dynamics and put Asian  manufacturers under incredible pressure to deliver products-with better designs, in appropriate distribution channels, with customized service and competitive prices.

The best option that Taiwanese manufactoring leaders have to rely on is our team to help improve their operations in CIS markets today and to plan for their business success tomorrow. Our Company can apply its experience to help you make better decisions faster, achieve measurable results quickly, and make marketing and sales activities in the CIS markets more productive.

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Comments from the Sales specialist:

“Definitely, this is a problem. Most Asian companies are simply not prepared to market themselves in Russia. They do not have Russian-language materials or these are very poorly edited. They look cheap and unprofessional. The fact that they have not taken the time to prepare something as simple as a brochure indicates to me that they probably are not serious about other issues, including quality and technical support. …it proves that they have gotten something for their money, but public relations? No, that they simply do not get.”

Commented by Alex Kleyner,
Vice President of Sales at Simons Voss Technologies

(from the article How are Asian Companies Doing in Russia,
AS Magazine, 14 APR 2008)