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ITCIS Co., Ltd.

Rm 804, Sino Centre.,

582-592 Nathan Rd., Kln. H.K.


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Taiwan, Taipei County, Taiwan R.O.C.

+886916137056 Aliaksandr Du

Russia, Moscow

+79035964242 Sergey Lobanov

Ukraine, Kiev

+380974707178 Olga Stafievskaay

Belarus, Minsk

+375336012284 Oleg Aleksandrovich


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Hong Kong

ITCIS Limited is situated at the heart of Asia in Hong Kong, SAR, which is the world's busiest international air cargo handling center and one of the world's busiest container ports.

We chose Hong Kong as a base for ITCIS on the grounds of several factors, such as prime location, high-speed communications, the free flow of information, no restrictions on capital flows and the world's freest economy that benefits the ITCIS mission of providing flexible and urgent support for our Asian and CIS partners. As most international corporations, ITCIS has chosen Hong Kong as the best place in Asia for running an international business.

Hong Kong's business-friendly environment is backed by a legal system based on English common law: This offers easy access to local, regional and international business events and information; provides an excellent regulatory framework underpinned by an independent judiciary; and dispenses a low and simple tax regime that helps ITCIS minimize the company's expenses and provide highly efficient service from the world's most strategically important international financial and business center.